A30    Desktop Headphone Amplifier

A30 can build a suit set with D30 and VX3 (other products and the shelf need to be purchased separately)


A30 can build a suit set with D30 (D30 and the shelf need to be purchased separately)

A30 received a lot of praise during the exhibition
Components Guide

1.1 Power & supply voltage switch

1.2 Gain switch

1.3 3.5mm headphone out

1.4 6.35mm headphone out

1.5 Volume knob & Power LED

2.1 Line in

2.2 Line out

2.3 Output selecting switch

2.4 Power input

Full Aluminum Shell
  High-power laser engraving  

Ink printed characters will fall off after long time use.

Common laser engraving is not deep enough, that makes the characters hard to read on silver panel.

A30's characters was made by high power laser, it solve both problems above.

Fits all kinds of headphone

In order to fit all kinds of headphone, we designed A30 to have 2 working mode(Hi or Lo working voltage), 3 gain set(0dB, 9dB and 18dB) and 2 heaphone output with different impedance.

Two sets of linear power supplies

Most competing products use 1x15V or etc adapter to the amplifier, this 1x15V will be convert inside the amplifier and cause noise and interference.
But we use linear power adapter to provide 2x15V and 1x8V to A30, which help A30 avoid these problem. 2x15V used for high fidelity headphone amplifier circuit. 1x8V used for MCU, LED and relay. Less noise, less interference.



Voltage amplification Single-ended
to differential
Power output  
    OPA1611 Amplifier


A30 use TI's OPA1611 for voltage amplification. OPA1611 has ultra noise 1.1nV and ultra low THD+N 0.000015%. It make A30's background silence.
    OPA2134 Amplifier
    A30 also use TI's OPA2134 which THD+N 0.00008%. You can use your favorite OP to change it.
    TPA6120A2 Amplifier


The TPA6120A2 is a very high fidelity headphone amplifier. it’s current-feedback AB amplifier architecture delivers high bandwidth, extremely low noise, and up to 128dB of dynamic range.


A30 use 4 NEC relay for analog signal.


A30 use WIMA capacitance for coupling.This capacitance bring better performance to A30.


A30 use TI's OPA2134, you can use your favorite OP to change it.


A30 use Nichicon FW series HIFI electrolytic capacitor for power circuit.


ALPS potentiometer is used on A30.


Every A30 was tested by a APX555, the best audio analyzer of the world.

Analog input 1 x RCA (L+R)
Line Out 1 x RCA (L+R)
Headphone output 1 x 6.35mm
1 x 3.5mm
Net weight Approx 525g (unit only)
Dimensions Approx 17.0CM x 12.2CM x 3.8CM
Includes 1 x A30
1 x Power adapter
1 x User's manual
1 x Warranty card
Suitable Headphone Impedance 16-600Ω
Maximum output power 1551mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 6.35 output, RL=32Ω,THD+N=1%)
291mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 6.35 output, RL=300Ω,THD+N=1%)
152mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 6.35 output, RL=600Ω,THD+N=1%)
757mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 3.5 output, RL=32Ω,THD+N=1%)
258mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 3.5 output, RL=300Ω,THD+N=1%)
143mW x 2 (PO=Hi, 3.5 output, RL=600Ω,THD+N=1%)
Maximum output voltage swing 26.6Vpp
THD+N(@1kHz) 0.0019% (RL=32Ω, Gain=0dB,IN=0.5Vrms)
0.0003% (RL=300Ω, Gain=9dB,IN=0.5Vrms)
0.0006% (RL=600Ω, Gain=18dB,IN=0.5Vrms)
Frequency response 10-200kHz
Input sensitivity 10.0Vrms (PO=Hi, Gain=0dB)
3.3Vrms (PO=Hi, Gain=9dB)
1.2Vrms (PO=Hi, Gain=18dB)
Noise (A-weight) 2.2μV (RL=32Ω, Gain=0dB)
3.2μV (RL=32Ω, Gain=9dB)
8.2μV (RL=32Ω, Gain=18dB)
Gain 0dB / 9dB / 18dB
SNR 126dB (PO=Hi, Gain=0dB)
121dB (PO=Hi, Gain=9dB)
111dB(PO=Hi, Gain=18dB)