NX5    Portable Headphone Amplifier

Each channel of NX5 use a ADI’s ultra noise OP AD8610 and a TI's BUF634.

This combinatioin reach 0.00062% THD+N on NX5.

(1kHz, 300Ω, 50mW, Gain = H)

Full Aluminum Shell

A highly automated machining center needs more than 51 processes to make a NX5’s aluminum shell.

We use same surface blasting process as MACBOOK air to get a fine matte effect.

All characters was engraved on the surface by laser.

Gain switch and Bass boost

NX5 has a gain switch to meet different needs.

NX5 also has a bass boost circuit, it boosts only mega bass effect to you while bass on. Mega bass circuit will be fully cut off and it will not bring you extra distortion and noise while it was switched off.

Lo batt LED

The power LED turn red to remind you NX5 is in lo batt condition.

NX5 could provide you approx 20 min playback time when the LED turns red.

* Due to different environments, NX5’s playback time will different.

  Charging progess display  

NX5’s charge LED use 3 color to display the charging progess.

Red: 0-50%.

Orange: 50-99%.

Green: 100%.

High-quality components

Better components will upgrade NX5’s performance to be better.

So we use ALPS potentiometer, WIMA capacitance, and also gilded the headphone jack, the switch and the PCB.

In addition, NX5 use a NEC’s relay to avoid pop noise of turning on and turning off. Protecting your ear and your headphone.

30 Hour playback time

2400mAh Lithium Ion battery provide >30 hour playback time which needs less than 4 hour for a fully charge.

30 min charge could provide 6 hour playback time if low power.

Adaptive Charging

NX5 automatic fits 0.5A current from PC’s USB port and 1A current from a USB charger. It takes less than 4 hour to fully charge NX5 at 1A charge current.

Micro USB charge port

NX5 use Micro USB charge port, you can use a Micro USB cable which is common used by Android phone to charge.


NX5 has CE, ROHS and FCC certification.

Analog input 1 x 3.5mm
Headphone output 1 x 3.5mm
Playback time Approx 30 hours
Net weight Approx 138g (unit only)
Dimensions Approx 6.0CM x 1.3CM x 10.8CM
Includes 1 x NX5
1 x Audio cable
1 x USB charge cable
2 x Rubber band
1 x Rubber pad
5 x Velcro
1 x User's manual
1 x Warranty card
Suitable Headphone Impedance 16-300Ω
Maximum output power 292mW (RL=16Ω, THD+N=1%)
285mW (RL=32Ω, THD+N=1%)
193mW (RL=64Ω, THD+N=1%)
95mW (RL=150Ω, THD+N=1%)
51mW (RL=300Ω, THD+N=1%)
26mW (RL=600Ω, THD+N=1%)
Maximum output voltage swing 11.1Vpp
Minimum THD+N 0.00062% (RL=300Ω, Gain=H, Pout=50mW)
THD+N(@1kHz) 0.00115% (RL=32Ω, Gain=L, Pout=5mW)
0.00062% (RL=300Ω, Gain=H, Pout=50mW)
Frequency response 10-200kHz
Input sensitivity 3.85Vrms (Gain=L); 1.40Vrms (Gain=H)
Noise <3μV (RL=32Ω, Gain=L)
<6μV (RL=32Ω, Gain=H)
Gain(@1kHz) +0dB (Gain=L); +8.9dB (Gain=H)
SNR 122dB (RL=300Ω, Gain=L)
116dB (RL=300Ω, Gain=H)
  User's manual download